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Umass Lowell Men's Ultimate Greenbackr


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Umass Lowell is an Ultimate team from the northeastern part of Massachusetts. We are an enthusiastic, good-spirited, hard-working team that strives to have fun while moving forward in our journey to be a national-level program. Any players regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and level of experience have always been encouraged to join. On this team, we value hard work, positivity, and commitment above all.

Last season we held our first sanctioned tournament, got 2 new coaches, and competed ferociously at Sectionals, moving towards our goal of becoming a better and tougher team in the most competitive Ultimate region - Metro Boston.

During any season, we travel to multiple states for 3-4 tournaments a semester and practice 4 times a week. Our goal this year is to become a tougher matchup for any team we face, climb higher in our section and region, and maintain a positive environment to make Lowell proud! Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and we promise your Riverhawks will fly higher than ever this year.