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Our most frequent question we get from customers is "can we get a discount somehow"? The answer starting today is YES! We are excited to unveil our Team Marketplace Sponsorship Program! 

We have partnered with 11 companies for our February Pilot Program which means huge savings for your team! Teams that chose a sponsor will receive a 20% discount off their Team Marketplace store! Some sponsors are even offering more incentives to choose them! Check out each sponsor to see what makes a good match. 

  • Open To All Teams! High School, College & Club
  • Sponsor logo on sleeve or back of game gear
  • Must sign up by 2/28/17
  • Must have Team Marketplace live by 3/15/17

Available Sponsors

Disclip | E.R.I.C. |  Friction Gloves | Huck Nation | Hucket Bucket | KanJam | Mint Ultimate | Spikeball | STiiiCKS | Ultiphotos | Universe Point