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International Spirit of the Game Day 2019

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International Spirit of the Game Day 2019

International Spirit of the Game Day (aka iSOTG Day) is on Saturday, Dec. 7th this year. It's intended to promote what is to many, the best thing about Ultimate. This year’s theme is It’s Not Just High Fives. iSOTG activities around the world are intended to create a ‘global understanding and bond of what SOTG means’. 

Partners like Savage donate prizes for people around the world who promote Spirit of the Game on in creative and demonstrative photos and videos shared that day. 

The Global Spirit Map from 2018

Spirit of the Game means different things to different people. For some, it means adhering to the rules exactly. For others, it means developing a friendly environment between teams. ERIC's 5 tenants of Spirit of the Game are a great way to remember all of the things Ultimate players of any ability and experience should keep in mind to make Ultimate a welcoming, fun sport for all. Think about it for yourself - what could you improve on? 

International Spirit of the Game Day (iSOTG Day) began as Early Recognition Is Critical (ERIC) Awareness Day in 2014. In 2015 the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) and ERIC combined forces to encourage communities around the world to raise awareness and embrace Spirit of the Game Day through activities around the world. 

"I always remember this moment from Marisa Rafter's Callahan video. It's my favorite Ultimate video, because she's an amazing player, but this tiny moment always sticks in my mind as part of why I love Ultimate." - Vega, Savage Marketing Coordinator

Something we at Savage love about Spirit of the Game is how good spirit spreads outside of games. Many of us have made lifelong friends through Ultimate. Good spirit and holding each other up in a game lead to sideline conversations, hanging out after games, and strong friendships. At Savage many of us are involved in Richmond Ultimate, and at the beginning of the day you’ll find folks talking about the game they played against one another last night or the new rules we should know (2020-2021 Official Rules of Ultimate, by the way).

We'd love to hear from you. What does Spirit of the Game mean for you in Ultimate, on or off the field? Make sure you tag #isotgday on socials this Saturday to spread your unique spirit and potentially win prizes from Savage and iSOTG's other partners.