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SAVAGE is excited to announce that Universe Point is now a sponsor in our Team Marketplace. For the month of February, Universe Point has signed on to the Team Marketplace Sponsorship Program. What does this mean for you? It means more savings on your team gear! It also means discounts off Universe Point! 

Teams selecting Universe Point will receive a 5% off team code for cleats! 

SAVAGE is now offering teams to elect to have a sponsor directly in our Team Marketplace. Teams and its players will get the following benefits: 

  • 20% team discount off Team Marketplace
  • No more collecting names, numbers, sizes or MONEY
  • Earn $$$ from fan sales of team gear
  • Ship to team or individual 
  • Team discount extended for all other teams associated with Team Universe Point!

What's the catch? There always is one. Teams that choose to be sponsored by a TMP Sponsor will be required to put the sponsor logo on the sleeve or back of the game day jerseys. 

Sign up today to be a part of a growing family of Team Universe Point!