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HOLY HIGH TIDE, Batman! How will we get there?

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HOLY HIGH TIDE, Batman! How will we get there?

High Tide is awesome! The internet says so…*

It's definitely a thousand times more fun than anything else I could do over spring break”

“hell yes, absolutely the best tournaments of my college career”

“do you want to have one of the best times of your life?”

“You'll be counting the days till next year on the drive home.”


SAVAGE HQ is already buzzing with what we’ll be bringing to the table this year. What will be the apparel theme? What sorts of prizes will we have? Who will be the staff MVP (you vote!)? We’re so excited to be the official apparel partner for High Tide and to see all of your lovely faces down in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

But then for all of you attendees, there’s this…

“They only annoying part is dealing with house rentals”


Please allow us to introduce the newest member of the extended SAVAGE family, Lucid Travel!

SAVAGE recently met with these vacation enthusiasts (aren’t we all?) and got to see the vacation solutions they are providing to various groups.  And, they’ve got a deal for High Tide!** See below. 

High Tide/Lucid Travel Promo!

We’re excited to be able to share Lucid’sdeals with you. Hopefully, it’ll take some of that extra planning pressure off of your plate and allow you to focus on the important things – friends, frisbee, fun!

Keep a lookout in 2017 as we highlight some other travel packages from Lucid and the commemorative gear to go with it!

See you at the beach.
*Quotes source: “People who have been to High Tide, is it worth it”;

**Sales information from Lucid are provided by Lucid Travel, LLC and are neither validated nor expressly endorsed by SAVAGE Apparel Co. or its staff.