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7 Questions with Elon's Big Fat Bomb

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7 Questions with Elon's Big Fat Bomb

Elon Ultimate's Big Fat Bomb is one of those teams Savage has been working with for longer than we remember. We love making ultimate jerseys for this crew, because they look so dang good wearing them. I mean, just look at them. Here, seven questions with BFB's Ethan Gould. {And here, Big Fat Bomb's Team Marketplace.}

Savage: What does your team name mean?

BFB: It's a heart attack of a sandwich at Paulie's Pub. What more do you need?

Savage: Tell us about a team highlight from the past year.

BFB: This

Savage: Where's your favorite place to play? 

BFB: Myrtle Beach. We are excited for Easterns Qualifier after going to D-III Easterns three years ago. (Savage will be there too as the official merchandiser!)

Savage: What makes your team unique? 

BFB: Bomb embraces anybody. If you can breathe and you want to play ultimate, you're welcome on our team. We also have been playing with an unique side stack like Revolver.

Savage: Who are some of your MVPs and what sets them apart? 

BFB: Everybody is an MVP if everybody plays their role and does their job. Team wins > individual wins.

Savage: How does your team celebrate a win? 

BFB: Team "Big Fat Bombs" at Paulie's. We win tournaments and our bellies deserve a treat! 

Savage: What's your hype song?

BFB: "Rise and Shine," J. Cole. ITS A BANGER.