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An Open Letter To The Person Who Introduced Me To Ultimate

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An Open Letter To The Person Who Introduced Me To Ultimate

College is a time where everyone finds the place they belong. Some people are fortunate enough to know where that is before they ever get to school, while others want to belong somewhere but just don't fit in. I was a different case; I thought I had my entire four years planned out. Thankfully, I was wrong. This letter goes out to the person who unknowingly made my college career the best experience it could have possibly been.

Dear Friend,

Let me start by saying thanks. If I didn't happen to run into and recognize you from my hometown, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thanks to your suggestion to, "come try it out," I discovered the sport of ultimate. Having never heard of ultimate in high school, I can guarantee I would've never considered it during college. Because of you, I was able to create four years of amazing memories with strangers who quickly became friends who slowly grew into my family. Memories like these:

Giving rookies their new nicknames only to forget their real names in the future. Not to mention, everything else we put them through.

The ridiculously long car rides to tournaments that involve heavy amounts of singing to keep the driver awake.

What it felt like to finally throw a decent flick for the first time.

Being an early riser and having to wake up the entire team on tournament weekends.

Having the entire dining hall stare at you in confusion because that one teammate is yelling ridiculous things during your post-practice team dinner

Having a dance off with another team at regionals to determine the "real" winners of the game.

And let's not forget the real reason any of us play ultimate, the parties!

I could sit here for the next few hours letting nostalgia and stupid gifs take over this blog post but that's not why I'm here. I am here to finally give you the thanks you deserve. Because of you, all these memories were possible. You introduced me to ultimate frisbee, an amazing sport with an even more amazing community which led to me discovering the company I work for today. I owe you way more than a blog post and I hope I can make you and the great sport of ultimate proud!


That little freshman you who's life you changed.