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We want to thank you for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

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We want to thank you for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

As the protests and demonstrations continue, we are recognizing small but significant victories across the country. The officers involved in the murder of George Floyd have all been charged, new community review and accountability boards are being established, police officers and departments are having to answer for their actions, and physical structures of racism are being removed — including the Robert E. Lee monument in our own hometown of Richmond, Va. 

To those of you demonstrating and leading this fight: Thank you and please stay safe. Look out for each other. 

While we see shifts in the right direction, we know that there is so much more work to be done. We call on everyone to keep engaged and to support those organizations out there that have been and continue to fight for justice and equality.

In conjunction with some of our partners (credit to L.A. Throwback Foundation for being a leader with this campaign and in the community), we are offering this jersey as a gift to anyone who makes a contribution of $50 or more to an anti-racism organization. Thank you also to the AUDL, Major League Quidditch, and the Color of Ultimate for making this fundraiser possible.

Simply email us a copy of your donation receipt (photo, PDF) to, and we'll give you a one-time use code for a FREE Black Lives Matter jersey to show your support of the movement. We will accept multiple donation receipts totalling $50 or more.  

Wondering where you can offer your support? Below is a list of organizations that work directly toward justice and reform, that are supporting protestors unfairly being detained, or are holding institutions accountable for their mistreatment or misrepresentation of and to the black community. We understand that there are also hundreds of other worthwhile organizations that do great work at the local, regional, or national level, and we encourage you to do your own research to find one worth giving to.

Any direct purchases of this jersey (100% of sales) will be donated from Savage to one of the organizations listed below.  

Black Lives Matter

Equal Justice Initiative

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Community Justice Exchange - National Bail Fund Network

Black Visions Collective

Color of Change

Center for Policing Equity

Black Trans Advocacy Coalition


Thank you to our partners who are helping us to put this fundraiser together:

L.A. Throwback Foundation

Color of Ultimate

Major League Quidditch



UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming support of this campaign to fund anti-racism organizations, we have reached our maximum allotment of free jerseys. Thank you for your ongoing support in eradicating white supremacy.