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How to get your custom jersey order as fast as humanly possible

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How to get your custom jersey order as fast as humanly possible
Pop quiz: That custom, fully sublimated jersey you just ordered from Savage:

a) Is already sitting at Savage HQ just waiting to be shipped out.
b) Needs to be made by the Savage elves before you can get your paws on it. 

Answer: B! From jersey design to printing and sometimes even sewing, we make all of our orders in-house — and that takes a bit of time. Our customers can speed along the process by providing everything we need, or slow it down by holding out on important order info. Here are our basic timelines:
  • Four weeks guaranteed for spot sublimated and screen-printed orders.
  • Six weeks guaranteed for fully sublimated orders.
IMPORTANT: These timelines begin when artwork is complete and approved, and the invoice is approved and paid in full. We frequently beat this timeline, but to guarantee, we also have rush fees available. 

It takes time to get to where you can approve and pay for an invoice. Here's what that takes...

Customer Type A
  • Provides all artwork in editable format
  • Has clear and distinct idea of uniforms
  • Has all team order information ready
  • Understands print processes
  • Knows the type of gear they want to order
  • Seasoned orderer of team kits
  • In most cases, artwork and invoice can all be provided within 1-3 days. 
Customer Type B
  • Has ideas about uniforms, but isn't completely certain
  • Requires education on printing
  • Will still need to collect some order info and $$ from team
  • Will likely experience one to two art edits
  • Has a general idea of gear, but will have questions about what might be best
  • Has ordered team kits before
  • Can anticipate 5-10 days of pre-work time, including artwork, order submission, and invoice generation.
Customer Type C
  • "Artist discretion" art request — unsure of design vision
  • Requires education of printing processes
  • Doesn't have order info started
  • Will need to collect $$
  • Will max out on art time (with edits)
  • Doesn't yet know what gear to order
  • Likely first or second time ordering kits
  • Can anticipate two-plus weeks for order process
Wondering how to speed up these processes? Here are some pro tips!
  1. Ask questions as soon as possible so we can provide a succinct, clear response.
  2. Be as responsive as possible when Savage contacts you with questions.
  3. Sometimes, phone calls work better than email.
  4. Have editable files and an understanding of what is and is not printable (i.e. trademarks, poor file quality, etc.).
  5. Ask for all edits at one time.
  6. Visit the website to see examples and available deals.