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I Played Ultimate Under A Volcano

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I Played Ultimate Under A Volcano
There are a few perks to working at Savage — like cool coworkers, a pinball machine, and occasional doughnut deliveries. Plus, every year, one team member (along with one lucky Savage contest winner) heads to Costa Rica for the Volcanic Tournament over Memorial Day weekend. This year, sales coordinator Eugenia Witherow headed south for the event. Here are her highlights, according to Eug:
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Highs: Ziplining and the Tarzan swing, hot springs after a long weekend of ultimate, eating amazing food, playing with locals and learning about the ultimate seen there, seeing iguanas up close.

Lows: Sunburn + hot springs together, missing breakfast on the last day, and leaving such a beautiful place full of amazing memories and wonderful people (two of these three things were definitely my own fault)

Top 7 Moments from Volcanic Tournament in Costa Rica (in no particular order)

1. Ziplining through the forest, and facing my fears on the Tarzan Swing
2. Seeing a sloth and a toucan!
3. Hot springs!!!!
4. Playing ultimate with Team White Not
5. Meeting so many people that I've worked with in person
6. FOOD (gallo pinto and paella specifically)
7. Seeing a volcano for the first time in my life!