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Partner Spotlight: Southern Belles Accepting Pledges

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Partner Spotlight: Southern Belles Accepting Pledges

It's not that greek life thing where you try to join the brotherhood.  Although I'm sure Adrian would make a great "Godfather". 

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The Southern Belles are working on their third - rumored to be most excellent to date - rock album, and you have the chance to pre-purchase it now! They'd love for you to pledge your help on their musical journey. Check out their pledge site here to hear interviews from band members and collaborators on how this work might transform your life. 

We've been lucky to be on the ride with Southern Belles as work neighbors and hosts to their band swag marketplace. I'm sure we'll be reopening in the near future to offer up some more rad t-shirts and hoodies. 

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For now, listen to some of those juicy Southern Belles tunes and pledge some support for a local RVA favorite!