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You Voted! America's First Olympic Ultimate Team

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Earlier this week, we asked YOU who you'd like to see represent the USA in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee at the 2020 Summer Olympics. With people from all over the country chiming in, we have some clear winners. 

Presenting the starting 7 of the 2020 Ultimate Team for USA 

Beau Kittredge
Jimmy Mickle
Dylan Freechild
John Stubbs
Opi Payne
Leila Tunnell
Jenny Fey
Congratulations to these players! Thanks to your votes, they will receive a coupon code for a free custom SAVAGE Team America Jersey! We will be in touch with each winner soon. 

As part of the contest, we also chose two nominating committees to win a free USA jersey. We feel like these two represented the USA well and will continue to represent the land of the free for eternity. The winners are:

@UticaFrisbee — But you have to give it to @ashort315 as a gift
@Lynch24 — Because the picture of Luke "Best Beard" Jesperson made us smile! 
It's time to start practicing. As Happy Gilmore always says, "Only 364 more days 'til next year's hockey tryouts. Gotta toughen up." 
Didn't win? Then use coupon code "notawinner" to get $10 off your Team USA jersey today. Expires Friday.