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Whatever you're a part of—team, organization, company, D&D group, Downton Abbey watching-crew, you name it—we want to make custom apparel for you. We've got two methods of ordering custom apparel, explained below. Let us know which one you're interested, or if you're not sure, that's cool too! Our Sales team is here to help. 

If you're looking to partner with us, we also have partnership options available for leagues, businesses, non-profits, and more! Check out our Partnership page to learn more. Or, if you're planning an event, check out our Event Partnership page. 


This is the classic method of ordering your group's gear. After working with our team to select and design your gear, we'll send you an order form, and you let us know exactly how many of each item your group would like. 


Team Marketplace is a custom-crafted, one-stop-shop for your gear. After working with our team to select and design your apparel, we'll build a temporary online store just for you—no spreadsheets or collecting money up front. Share the link to your store with players, members, fans, and the world, so anyone can show their support. Fundraising options available!