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7 Questions with Pro Disc Golfer Alec Anderson

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7 Questions with Pro Disc Golfer Alec Anderson
The Masters are cool and all, but we're really excited about the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships scheduled for April 11-14 in Augusta, Georgia. In honor of the event, we challenged Savage Squad member and pro disc golfer Alec Anderson to answer seven searing questions.

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Savage: Can you tell us how you initially got into disc golf?
Alec Anderson: I get to be one of those first generations that say I’ve played disc golf my whole life! My dad had started playing a few years before I was born. When I was born, he was big in the sport so I’ve been playing my whole life.
Savage: What's your favorite thing about disc golf? 
A.A.: My favorite thing about the sport is 100 percent the people you meet and the friends you make. I have friends all over the country now and I get to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a while at tournaments. The before, during and after tournament antics that me and my friends do is the best! The best memories in my life are memories with my friends at tournaments!
Savage: How do you train for an event like this? 
A.A.: Training for an event like this to me is just practice, practice, practice. I’ll be practice putting every night for the two weeks before the event. Then we also arrive three days early just so we have enough time to practice all the courses. One of the most important things to me is playing the courses beforehand and knowing the shots and distances required for the holes.
Savage: Do you have any pre-tournament rituals?
A.A.: My only pre-tournament ritual is on the first hole of the tournament. Take a deep breath, relax and get ready to throw!
Savage: What do you like to wear when you play?
A.A.: I’ve been changing it up lately. I’m usually just a dry fit shirt and light sport shorts for tournaments. But the last couple of years I’ve had more success on the course and have started representing companies! Now I try to look as professional as possible, and I decided the company to help me do that was Savage Apparel! You’ll see me in their clothes all year looking professional and clean at every event.
Savage: What do you like to do after playing?
A.A.: After events, I love to spend time with friends and talk with people I haven’t seen for some time. The antics with the friends and just enjoying the camaraderie is what I love most!
Savage: Any tips for aspiring players?
A.A.: I think my biggest tip for aspiring players is to find discs that work the best for you, learn those molds and stick with them. Don’t switch the discs in your bag more than you need. One disc here or there is always fine, but changing things like your putters or most important drivers every two weeks because you had a bad day is not good mentally and not good for consistency.

I can’t wait to hit up a lot of big tournaments this year! I have a lot of A-tiers on the schedule along with some other bigger tournaments. Look for me out on the course. I have to thank my sponsors Savage Ultimate, MVP Disc Sports and Deuce Squad Disc Golf for the support this season as I begin my professional career!