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Disc Golf Pro Shop | Start your own Disc Golf Apparel Line

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Disc Golf Pro Shop | Start your own Disc Golf Apparel Line

Have you ever thought about starting your own Disc Golf Apparel line? Well, we'd like to introduce you to the Disc Golf Pro Shop powered by VII Apparel Co. The newest marketplace to hit the Disc Golf scene and it's only the beginning. We're reaching out to all touring pros as well as local big wigs to start selling in our dedicated store. 

Each store will include three items - a recycled spot sublimated white t-shirt, a GreenLine Recycled Jersey, and a GreenLine Recycled Long Sleeve Jersey. You can choose a pre-made design and add your logo(s) or you can design something completely custom. We even have in house designers to help you dream up your creation. 

Once your store is created, we'll send you your kit for $149 (and include any sponsor logos required) so you can start promoting. For each item sold, you'll earn up to $7-20 (25% of net sales) with quarterly reporting and payments. 

When a jersey or shirt gets purchased, we'll handle everything from receiving the order, getting it made up, and shipping it out to the customer directly. No need for costly inventory, warehousing fees, or running to the post office. Just sit back, promote your line, and see your fans in your gear! 

Ready to get started? Please email and we'll walk you through the initial setup.