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Greenbackr Crowdfunding Success Story: Dreher High Ultimate

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Greenbackr Crowdfunding Success Story: Dreher High Ultimate

Dreher High Ultimate just got one step closer to a successful season thanks to their hard work, supportive fans — and Greenbackr. Their fundraising goal for their Greenbackr crowdfunding campaign was $750, but they managed to raise $1,089 for the upcoming season. (BTW: You can buy those Dreher High Ultimate jerseys on their Team Marketplace now.]

Dreher's captain initially reached out to Savage about creating a campaign that would help the team cover jerseys, shorts, and bid fees. Here's how the team succeeded in their Greenbackr crowdfunding campaign — and how you can, too.

  1. All hands on deck. You have a whole team that's poised to be a networking machine. Dreher's captain made sure his team was in the loop on the campaign from their first email, and every team member did their part to spread the word about their Greenbackr.
  2. Tell your story. Make sure you let Savage and your potential backers know who they are supporting. Dreher's captain provided us with details regarding his team’s efforts at States the year before, and players’ achievements and spirit throughout their season.
  3. Secure pledges early. Set your campaign date and start promoting immediately. There's no need to wait for the campaign to officially launch online to tell your family, friends, and fans. Even before campaign launch, Dreher's team captain had capitalized on his school’s Homecoming Spirit Week to let his peers know about their fundraiser.
  4. Don't be shy. Let people and businesses know that you’re looking for help. You never know who might be a potential backer and how you might be able to help them in return. (Can you say sponsorship?) During their pre-campaign pledges, Dreher's captain was disappointed that he wasn’t able to secure a sponsorship early on. Yet, when it came time for their campaign, they were able to land a $250 sponsorship donation.
  5. Remind, remind, remind. Greenbackr campaigns are built to be sprints with a 10-day donation window. Let your backers know that you’re fundraising, let them know when the campaign begins, that the campaign is happening, that it will be closing soon, and that there’s only one day left. Let’s face it, life is fast and people are busy. Hit your backers with multiple reminders through multiple channels to make sure you get through.