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SAVAGE is excited to announce a partnership with Early Recognition Is Critical. E.R.I.C. was started to encourage youth to be active, aware and prepared, and to talk about sports, their bodies, and the sometimes very scary “C-word,” cancer! They also run clinics for kids, where they actively educate them on a lifestyle that makes early recognition more likely.

Be active. Be body aware. Speak up. 

SAVAGE is now offering teams to be part of Team E.R.I.C. in our Team Marketplace. Teams and its players will get the benefits through the standard Team Marketplace with added benefits which include:

  • 20% team discount
  • FREE Team E.R.I.C. hat for each rostered player
  • Discount extended for all other gear associated with Team E.R.I.C.

You can recognize all Team E.R.I.C. teams by having their badge on their sleeve. Sign up today to be a part of a growing family of Team E.R.I.C.