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Savage's custom jersey production process, from start to finish

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Savage's custom jersey production process, from start to finish

Ever wondered what really goes into making a custom Savage jersey? Or why the process takes 4-6 weeks? Unlike some of our competitors, we’re proud to handle every step of the process in-house, from design to production to shipping it to your doorstep. If you order custom Ultimate jerseys, disc golf gear, quidditch jerseys, or any other custom athletic apparel from Savage, this is what it takes for it to go from an idea in your head to a piece of apparel you can wear on the field.

Step 1: The Custom Jersey Ordering Process 

You’ll start by reaching out to with an idea for custom jerseys for you or your team. Our sales coordinator connects you with a member of our sales staff who will be your liaison for the entire ordering process. You’ll talk budget, timeline, and general needs, and we’ll officially get the ball rolling on your order.

Step 2: The Custom Jersey Design Process 

Every customer gets three free hours of design time included in their order, which is usually more than enough time to finalize your designs. This includes Team Marketplace orders. Having a good idea of the design you want, and quality art files, will speed up this stage of the process significantly. You’ll share your ideas and art files with your sales rep, who will communicate what you need to the Savage design team. There will be some back and forth to settle on the final design for your gear, which typically takes one to two weeks to reach final approval. This blog post has some tips for getting through the design stage as efficiently as possible.

Step 3: The Custom Apparel Production Process 

Once you’ve officially signed off on the design mock-ups for your gear, we pass the order over to our production department. While screen printed and spot sublimated orders are printed onto existing jersey and T-shirts, all fully sublimated gear is printed on our GreenLine fabric (made from 100% recycled bottles), then cut out and sewn up. After that, we pack up your order and send it on its merry way.