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These are the 12 most common questions the Savage sales team hears from you

These are the 12 most common questions the Savage sales team hears from you

When you’ve been in the custom team apparel game as long as we have, you start to get the same customer questions over and over… and over again. And we don’t mind answering them! Ordering custom jerseys for yourself or your team can feel like a big undertaking, and it’s bound to come with some uncertainty. But to keep things simple, and to give our sales reps a handy little landing page for directing ordering-related FAQs, we’ve put together this post with answers to their most common queries. (Be sure to check out our main FAQ page for even more answers.) We hope it’s helpful.

1. How long will it take to get my gear?

Well, that depends on what you’ve ordered. Here’s the basic breakdown.

  • Regular online store items should ship out from our fulfillment center within 7-10 days. This includes Mystery Gear.
  • Team Marketplace items will take longer to ship out according to the details provided in each item’s description. You can find this listed right at the top of every Team Marketplace page, along with the ordering deadlines.
  • Other items that are produced on demand will also list a delivery timeline within the product description. 
  • Custom orders take 4-6 weeks — and that begins after you’ve made your payment and finalized your design. We repeat: We can’t start on your order until we’ve been paid and have all of the necessary art files. This blog post explains why our production process for custom gear takes as long as it does.

2. How does the design process work?

Every custom order that you place with Savage comes with three free hours of design time with one of our staff artists. In most cases, this is enough time to help your vision come to life and create a design that you’re excited about. Here are the stages of the design process at Savage:

  • Talk with your sales rep about what you want. Maybe it’s a fully sublimated jersey with a rainbow background and unicorns leaping above your team’s name.
  • Ideally, you’ll provide some high-quality art files for us to use, if you want something specific (maybe you’ve already drawn the unicorn). Or some solid examples if you don’t have specific images you want to use.
  • Your sales rep will relay your needs to the art team, who will put together a mock-up (or mock-ups) using any provided art files. 
  • Your sales rep will send the mock-up back to you for approval. At this point, there may be some back-and-forth if you want to make any tweaks to the design. Like make the unicorns bigger or change their color. 
  • Once your jersey is perfect, you’ll sign off on the mock-up and invoice, pay for your order, and production officially begins.
3. Can you print this blurry photo that I found on Google? 

    In most cases, we can’t print random images that you found online. First of all, there are copyright issues, which we discuss in-depth in this post. There’s also the question of quality — we need high-resolution files in order to produce high-quality prints for your gear. That said, you can show us any type of image to use as an example of what you’re looking for, but when our artists have to recreate a low-quality image, it can add significantly to your design time and may put you over your three-hour quota. High-res Illustrator files are our favorite.

    4. How long does the design process take?

    Again, custom orders get three hours of free design time with one of our staff artists, but the design process usually takes a week or two altogether. This varies based on how clear your vision is, the quality of the images you provide, and how quickly you get back to us when we ask you questions. Here are a few tips for reducing art time so we can lock down your order and send it into production ASAP.

    5. How does Savage gear fit? 

    This post takes a closer look at the sizing of our fully sublimated jerseys, and we’re working on adding photos to all of our product listings that will show our gear on different body types. We also have size charts with exact measurements on most of our gear. Still confused? Never hesitate to reach out to your sales rep if you’re unsure about what size to order. 

     6. My order is wrong. Where is my refund?

    If you feel you’ve received an incorrect order, reach out to your sales rep right away so we can figure out what went wrong. If you’ve ordered from our online store, we should be able to quickly determine how or why you were sent the wrong item and get it remedied quickly. If it’s a custom order, we’ll need to go back through the design and production process to find where the error occurred. We will always try to find the best resolution for everyone, whether that means a refund, exchange, or reprint. 

     7. Can I get a better discount? 

    It never hurts to ask, although we are limited to how much we can discount custom gear because of the high costs of production. We have some discount options available, with the highest being 30% off. Keep in mind that discounts can’t be combined. If teams have financial limitations, they should ask their sales rep about how we can help. Savage’s Greenbackr program is a great way to crowdfund your team’s uniforms and other financial needs.

    8. Will you sponsor me? 

    In most situations, we will reach out to a person or team if we are interested in sponsoring them. At this time, we do not sponsor individuals outside of our Savage Squad. If you are an individual with a significant following who would like to work with us, or a team interested in a sponsorship, you’re always welcome to contact Please be as detailed as possible when you reach out.

    9. Why does my item not match the image online perfectly?

    In most cases, the images you see in our online store are not photographs — they are digitized 3-D renderings of our designs created using computer software. We work hard to make them look as much like real life as possible.

    10. Where can I give feedback?

    We love feedback — both positive and negative! Share your thoughts with your sales rep or fill out this survey and they'll pass it along to the right people. Also look for a comment card included in your order.

    11. How much will my order cost?

    We offer a range of options for a range of budgets, including screen printed jerseys, spot sublimated jerseys, and fully sublimated jerseys. From there, costs vary based on quantity and design. You can find all of the details of our pricing for full subs here and other gear here. Custom disc prices are here.

    12. Can you contact USPS/UPS/FedEx for me to find my package? 

    Unfortunately, once we ship out your order, it’s the responsibility of the carrier. In most cases, they will not disclose a package’s location to us — only the customer, so it’s better for you to inquire first. Because of this, we can’t be held responsible for third party delays, lost packages, duty fees, etc.

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    Savage's custom jersey production process, from start to finish

    Savage's custom jersey production process, from start to finish

    Ever wondered what really goes into making a custom Savage jersey? Or why the process takes 4-6 weeks? Unlike some of our competitors, we’re proud to handle every step of the process in-house, from design to production to shipping it to your doorstep. If you order custom Ultimate jerseys, disc golf gear, quidditch jerseys, or any other custom athletic apparel from Savage, this is what it takes for it to go from an idea in your head to a piece of apparel you can wear on the field.

    Step 1: The Custom Jersey Ordering Process 

    You’ll start by reaching out to with an idea for custom jerseys for you or your team. Our sales coordinator connects you with a member of our sales staff who will be your liaison for the entire ordering process. You’ll talk budget, timeline, and general needs, and we’ll officially get the ball rolling on your order.

    Step 2: The Custom Jersey Design Process 

    Every customer gets three free hours of design time included in their order, which is usually more than enough time to finalize your designs. This includes Team Marketplace orders. Having a good idea of the design you want, and quality art files, will speed up this stage of the process significantly. You’ll share your ideas and art files with your sales rep, who will communicate what you need to the Savage design team. There will be some back and forth to settle on the final design for your gear, which typically takes one to two weeks to reach final approval. This blog post has some tips for getting through the design stage as efficiently as possible.

    Step 3: The Custom Apparel Production Process 

    Once you’ve officially signed off on the design mock-ups for your gear, we pass the order over to our production department. While screen printed and spot sublimated orders are printed onto existing jersey and T-shirts, all fully sublimated gear is printed on our GreenLine fabric (made from 100% recycled bottles), then cut out and sewn up. After that, we pack up your order and send it on its merry way. 

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    Savage 101: What you need to know about copyright law

    Savage 101: What you need to know about copyright law
    As much as we'd love to print Rick and Morty on your jerseys, we can't. We can't print art that doesn't belong to us. First of all, it's rude to steal. Secondly, it's illegal. And we don't want to be either of those things.
    The same thing goes for school logos—you should have written permission from the school if you want the logo on your gear. Written permission from the school can come from the school's club sports office or straight from their licensing and trademarks department.

    Should we need to (and choose to) become an official licensee of the school, be advised that this can take up to eight weeks to get approved and get artwork approved. All artwork and designs bearing the school's official trademarks will need to be approved by the licensing company and school's trademarks office.

    Art from the internet? Somebody probably owns this. It's not OK to just say, "hey, we found this and should print it." Sometimes we can track down the artist and they may provide permission to use, but often we can't. We'd totally be ok if you asked the artist for their permission. Sometimes they're thrilled at the prospect of a team sporting their images. 

    Submission of art to Savage is a tacit agreement that the customer has received permission to use and indemnifies Savage against any unauthorized use. 
    Copyright infringement can result in fines that have a legal standard of $200 to $150,000. Fines may be in excess of $150,000 through suit and legal remedy.
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    How to get your custom jersey order as fast as humanly possible

    How to get your custom jersey order as fast as humanly possible
    Pop quiz: That custom, fully sublimated jersey you just ordered from Savage:

    a) Is already sitting at Savage HQ just waiting to be shipped out.
    b) Needs to be made by the Savage elves before you can get your paws on it. 

    Answer: B! From jersey design to printing and sometimes even sewing, we make all of our orders in-house — and that takes a bit of time. Our customers can speed along the process by providing everything we need, or slow it down by holding out on important order info. Here are our basic timelines:
    • Four weeks guaranteed for spot sublimated and screen-printed orders.
    • Six weeks guaranteed for fully sublimated orders.
    IMPORTANT: These timelines begin when artwork is complete and approved, and the invoice is approved and paid in full. We frequently beat this timeline, but to guarantee, we also have rush fees available. 

    It takes time to get to where you can approve and pay for an invoice. Here's what that takes...

    Customer Type A
    • Provides all artwork in editable format
    • Has clear and distinct idea of uniforms
    • Has all team order information ready
    • Understands print processes
    • Knows the type of gear they want to order
    • Seasoned orderer of team kits
    • In most cases, artwork and invoice can all be provided within 1-3 days. 
    Customer Type B
    • Has ideas about uniforms, but isn't completely certain
    • Requires education on printing
    • Will still need to collect some order info and $$ from team
    • Will likely experience one to two art edits
    • Has a general idea of gear, but will have questions about what might be best
    • Has ordered team kits before
    • Can anticipate 5-10 days of pre-work time, including artwork, order submission, and invoice generation.
    Customer Type C
    • "Artist discretion" art request — unsure of design vision
    • Requires education of printing processes
    • Doesn't have order info started
    • Will need to collect $$
    • Will max out on art time (with edits)
    • Doesn't yet know what gear to order
    • Likely first or second time ordering kits
    • Can anticipate two-plus weeks for order process
    Wondering how to speed up these processes? Here are some pro tips!
    1. Ask questions as soon as possible so we can provide a succinct, clear response.
    2. Be as responsive as possible when Savage contacts you with questions.
    3. Sometimes, phone calls work better than email.
    4. Have editable files and an understanding of what is and is not printable (i.e. trademarks, poor file quality, etc.).
    5. Ask for all edits at one time.
    6. Visit the website to see examples and available deals.
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    How to Save Time When Designing Team Jerseys

    How to Save Time When Designing Team Jerseys

    The roster has been chosen, practice schedule set, and tournaments picked out. All that’s left to do is make sure your team is looking good on the field—and that’s where SAVAGE comes in, specifically our art department.

    As the Art Director of SAVAGE, I’m here to offer a few tips on how to cut back on design time, which will help you get your gear faster and make your team look better. We offer all customers three hours of art for free, and I want to make sure you get the best artwork you can in that amount of time. Here’s how:

    1. Come to the table with ideas.

    One of the most helpful things you can do is to come prepared with at least a general idea of what you want to see on your gear. Any information regarding colors, fonts, logo placement or general visuals you would like to see, please let us know from the start. We have an Art Request Form that you can fill out to help our art department understand exactly what you want.

    Not everyone has that creative streak, so we understand if you aren’t sure what you would like to see on your jerseys. Just give us the heads up and provide any information you can, or find examples of other jerseys you like so we can get a sense of what your style may be. Google is your friend. That being said, we can’t use copyrighted images—we can only use them as a reference point.

      2. Send editable files.

      If your team already has a logo or other elements used previously on jerseys, send us an editable file to use. What is an editable file, you ask? Good question, actually—but let’s start with what ISN’T an editable file. JPGs and PNGs are not editable, even if you slap it in Photoshop or Illustrator; this doesn’t automatically make it any easier to work with. It’s still just a JPG that is now open in another program.

      So what is an editable file? At SAVAGE, we prefer vector format images in Illustrator. We can work with images built in Photoshop, but typically, there is still a bit of work to do that will cut into your three hours of free art. Vector art can be recolored, adjusted, and sized easily to print well. 

      If you ever have a logo made that you plan to use in the future, ask for an editable file and hold onto it for dear life—there’s a good chance you’ll need it again, and there’s an artist in your future who will love you forever for having it.

      Then there’s the chance that you have a logo, but there’s no trace of a vector format of it anywhere. In this case, find the largest file of it you can so that we can recreate it, and if there is any text in it, please try to find out what that font is.

      3. Make your own art.

      We welcome any and all sketches or rough mockups to give our crew a better visual of what you want, but we also ask that, unless you have a clear understanding of the Adobe programs, you leave the more intricate designs to our professional team.

      For those of you who are actually designers, step one and two were probably no-brainers to you. If you decide to send in your own design, here is a link to our SAVAGE templates. Remember to keep all of your artwork in vector format in case anything needs to be changed, and always send us the Illustrator files—not just JPGs of the jersey.

      When deciding to use images in your designs, keep in mind that they need to be large files so that when they are blown up to proportion, they will not become pixelated. If color-matching is important, include any Pantone colors you may have used and send any fonts that may be incorporated into your design.

      These are some of the most important tips there are for helping to reduce the amount of design time needed to complete your order. Please soak it in and apply this information to your next order with Savage. We are here to make sure that your team is looking its absolute best, and this will help us do our job to the best of our ability.

      Much love from your Savage Art Department.

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