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Road to USA Ultimate Nationals

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Road to USA Ultimate Nationals

USA Ultimate, frisbee's national governing body, has released the finalized 2016 college rankings. The rankings determine strength bid allocations for regional qualifiers to the National Championships in North Carolina this May. UMass (M) & British Columbia (W) hold the #1 spot in DI competition and Wheaton (M) & Mount Holyoke rank #1 in DIII. Check out all the college rankings on USA Ultimate's website DI Men & Women and DIII Men & Women

Being in the top 20 is a huge honor and proves a successful season. Everyone here at SAVAGE wants to wish all the teams luck at the upcoming playoff season.

With 8 SAVAGE teams in the top 20 we couldn't be more excited about the #roadtonationals. We'll be cheering on the sidelines the whole way. 


Remember that rankings don't mean squat if games aren't won. All teams competing at conferences have the opportunity to make it to the show, so now is the time to dig deep and lay it all out of the line.