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7 Questions with the Macalester College Pursesnatchers

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7 Questions with the Macalester College Pursesnatchers

Founded as a D-III women's team at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in the early ‘90s, the Pursesnatchers’ team culture is based on equity, inclusion, embracing the weirdness, and growing together as players and people. “While our gender policies have grown more inclusive, our commitment to dopeness and that sweet, sweet disc-slanging has not,” team member Izzy Ryde tells us. We’re proud to be outfitting the Pursesnatchers for their upcoming season—check out their Team Marketplace (with ultimate jerseys, reversible tanks, hoodies and more) here, and our seven burning questions below.

Savage: What’s the story behind your team name?

Pursesnatchers: Our founder found a sign in an airport that read, "Beware the Pursesnatchers" and was inspired by the picture of someone sprinting away with a purse. She decided to steal the sign and just like pursesnatchers run after the purse, we run after the disc.

Savage: Does your team have a hype song?

PS: Not particularly, but Lizzo always gets us going.

Savage: What does your team do to celebrate a win?

PS: We celebrate each other and our teammates with a solid spirit circle.

Savage: Who are some of your MVPs?

PS: Our Snatcher MVPs are committed to the game, the effort, the leadership, and the continued growth of our team. 

Savage: What makes your team unique?

PS: We are a team, not just a few star players. Our newer, less athletic, and less experienced players are just as important to the team as our captains.

Savage: What’s your favorite place to play?

PS: The High Tide fields in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during spring break.

Savage: Tell us about a recent team highlight.

PS: We won a B team game against Tempest with almost entirely new players.