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Celebrate Seven Years with SAVAGE

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Celebrate Seven Years with SAVAGE

SAVAGE is hosting a seven-year anniversary party and the grand opening of the Richmond production facility on Friday, August 5 from 6-9 p.m. In Richmond or nearby? Stop by to check out the digs, meet the crew, eat some fried chicken, and drink some local beer.

We have come a long way since founder Todd Curran started out screen-printing jerseys in his guest room. With the company’s first full-scale production facility now set up in Richmond, Virginia, SAVAGE is poised to serve the needs of teams and organizations around the world.

SAVAGE’s headquarters are part of the Northside community workspace RVA Createspace, located at 607 Wickham St. Friday’s event will not only introduce attendees to the SAVAGE team and their facility, but will highlight the efforts of fellow Createspace members such as Ninja Kombucha, which created a special SAVAGE-themed kombucha for the event. 

Call Todd at 843-647-9263 for more details about the event.