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Devin Super Tramp: Trampoline vs Dodgeball Parkour!

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We’re having one of those giddy moments over here at SAVAGE HQ today, and we want to share that joy with you! To immediately see what’s making us so happy today, check out the Devin Super Tramp production video below.  Eeeeee!!!


Our partners over at Skyzone Trampoline Park recently collaborated with the Devin Super Tramp team to make a kick-butt video.  It showcases one of the many things you can do at one of their parks scattered around the country – Ultimate Dodgeball. It’s dodgeball in a multi-directional trampoline pit, and it’s a sports experience all its own.

SAVAGE has for the last 2 years been the official apparel partner for the Ultimate Dodgeball Championships. Each year has been a showcase of sportsmanship, talent, and killer moves. It thrills us to the core that when producing the video, Sky Zone contacted us to outfit their team in SAVAGE fully sublimated tank tops from our Summer Line.

These guys are looking good!

A big shoutout and thanks to our friends over at Sky Zone and the Devin Super Tramp team!

 To get your hands the awesome gear featured in the video, check out the links below!

The Wave Tank | The Triangle Tank

Stay tuned for SAVAGE Apparel at Ultimate Dodgeball Championships in 2017!!

...Hey Devin, hollatchabois...