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7 DIY Ultimate Costumes for Halloween

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7 DIY Ultimate Costumes for Halloween

With the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, it can only mean one thing — Halloween. We thought it would be fun to come up with our list of best costumes for the Ultimate player—DIY projects with step by step instructions on being the life of the party. 

1. The Dylan Freechild

Photo Credit: Kevin Leclaire UltiPhotos

Get a white shirt and spray paint the Oregon EGO logo on it. Get some Friction Gloves eye black and put a large W under each eye. Finish the costume off with some solid color shorts. You're all set! See the Jesse Shoffner costume to make a pair.

2. The Brodie Smith

Get a royal blue tank top or tee and spraypaint Florida in white on the front of the shirt. On the back spraypaint the number 21. Carry around a disc and do simple trick shots throughout the night. Sing the ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 theme "Da da dun" every once in a while for added effect. 

3. The Beau Kittredge

This one's a little more complicated and takes two people. Guy #1 needs a black shirt with the number 27 on the back, gray shorts and a white hat. Guy #2 needs a yellow shirt with number 50 on the back and navy shorts. Guy #2 aka Beau Kittredge will be on the shoulders of Guy #1. If you can't hold the pose for longer than a few minutes, take breaks and stretch. 

4. The Jesse Shofner

Photo Credit: Jolie J Lang UltiPhotos

We all know Jesse is an incredible ultimate player. She's forever laying out to get the D or endzone grab. Get a green shirt, spraypaint the Fugue F in yellow, add white shorts and of course eye black. Make sure you keep doing full horizontal layout grabs throughout the night. Also, a perfect duo costume with the Dylan Freechild. 

5. The Ultimate Frisbee

One of the easier costumes to produce. All you need is a white t-shirt, a disc, duct tape and a magic marker. Step 1, put the shirt on. Step 2, hold the disc on your chest facing out. Step 3 - tape the disc to the front of your shirt. Step 4 - have a friend write your favorite disc saying on the back of the shirt with a magic marker. You're now an official disc of USA Ultimate.  (We've partnered with Innova Discs to offer the Pulsar Costume - check it out here!)

6. Rohre's Headband

Our friend Rohre Titcomb is one of the top women Ultimate players in the world. We thought a fun Halloween costume would be Rohre's actual headband. Grab some rainbow fabric and tie it around your head. Viola — the perfect costume. 

7. The Tom Crawford 

A little creepy? For sure. Our fearless leader, CEO of USA Ultimate, is a great Halloween costume. Download the above mask, cut out from the dotted line and the eyes. Add an elastic string to make it stay on your head. Or tape a popsicle stick to the bottom and hold up to your face. Throw on a polo shirt and you'll be the life of the party. 

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