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Savage Training Club: Stay in shape while social distancing

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Savage Training Club: Stay in shape while social distancing

We may not know when we'll be able to safely play with our teams again, but we do know one thing: We've got to try to stay in shape in the meantime. It's important for our physical and mental health, and to ensure that we'll be ready to play like a champ when this COVID-19 nightmare is over. 


We're working on a series of solo workout posts that we're calling the Savage Training Club, and we're starting with a workout designed by our own Keys Pattie. Besides being a sales and production mastermind on our team, he's also the president of Richmond Ultimate, captain of Revival, Richmond's new mixed team, and the former coach of UMW's Mother of George (he helped them to their first-ever Nationals appearance in 2018). He also played on Floodwall for four years. Keys may not be a personal trainer, but he knows a thing or two about playing Ultimate.

Without further ado, please enjoy the routine Keys put together for us while social distancing in North Myrtle Beach. 


1. PULL-UPS & REVERSE GRIP PULL-UPS — Feel free to get creative when looking for a spot for these. Luckily, there's a ledge under the roof of the porch that I'm able to get half of my hand on. Sure, it's got some bird poop on it, I'll just wash my hands afterward. I'm just doing 3 sets of 6 both regular and reverse grip. Don't let your arms extend all the way out and let your elbows lock.  

2. ONE LEGGED STEP-UPS — Find a bench or chair to do this on.  The leg you are stepping up with should be about 90 degrees.  Step up quickly and lower the leg you are not using, slowly back to the ground.  Try to keep your body straight up and down and don't lean to one side. 3 sets of 10 on both legs, why not.

3. WALL SIT — You most likely have a wall you can use for this — unless you live in a tent, in which case you can use a tree. Unless you live in a tent in the desert, in which case you can use a big rock or something. . . Options are pretty endless.  Legs at 90, back against the wall, 3 times at 60 seconds apiece at least.  


4. LEG RAISES — Find a bench or even the ground. If you're super hardcore with your core, then you won’t need to grab on to anything. In this case, I'm grabbing the bench to help stabilize myself. Who would've guessed, 3 sets of 10 once again, although you can probably do much more.

5. TRICEP DIPS — Suspend/elevate yourself in some way. Try using a chair, cooler, table, keg, whatever — just make sure it's stable so you don't fall and bust your butt. I went through multiple deck chairs in this instance. Lower yourself so your arms are at 90 degrees and lift yourself back up. This all sounds silly to type out, but hey, maybe you really have no clue how to do this stuff. Wow, 3 sets of 10, unheard of.  

6. TRACK WORKOUT aka TWERKOUT - "Sandy Checkers" — You'll need 4 cones. You can also use shoes, beer cans, sandcastles or horseshoe crab carcasses (depending on your location). The "agility box" you'll set up is a square with 10 yards in between each item.  

Set 1: 15 suitcase crunches. Then, from bottom left cone, sprint to top right cone.  Turning over your left shoulder, sprint to top left cone. Turning over your left shoulder, sprint to bottom right cone. Turning over right shoulder, sprint to cone you started at. Followed by 10 lunges.

30-60-second break

Set 2: The same sprinting/cutting pattern, but this one starts with 10 pushups and ends with 10 squats.

Do each set once. Then switch your starting cone to the bottom right. So now the pattern is ...

  • Bottom right cone to top left cone (right shoulder turn)
  • Top left cone to top right cone (right shoulder)
  • Top right cone to bottom left (left shoulder)
  • Bottom left cone to the cone you started at. 
  • Twice from this side of the box as well.

So far, we’ve done....

  • 4 box sprints
  • 20 pushups
  • 30 suitcase crunches
  • 20 lunges
  • 20 squats

Set 3:  Still starting with 15 suitcases, cutting pattern is bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left and ending with 10 lunges. The thing that changes here is the shoulder turn. Now it’s on the outside shoulder. This is unorthodox, but this is to help with footwork and balance. Keep a low center of gravity and keep your feet and shoulders square as you chop step in what is essentially a 250-degree turn and explode out of the stoppage.  

Set 4: Same as set 2.  

30-60-second rest in between.  

Switch to bottom right cone and do the same thing twice. Same cutting pattern, just continuing to cut to outside shoulder.  


I'm not a professional — I'm just here trying to keep my mind and body right while living out this clusterfudge of a pandemic.  

I'd also like to take this time to thank Jedi Kneil Place from Tanasi for allowing me to build off of track workouts that he has compiled over many years.  

Love, @Keysopensdoors