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You asked for it, we got it! The new Wickham Shorts!

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You asked for it, we got it! The new Wickham Shorts!


Chances are you’ve seen the top notch Instagram post introducing our new shorts by now. If not, take a second and watch it here.

New things can be scary, I understand. That's why I’m here to make sure you and the new shorts really get to know each other.

The fabric is super light-weight, so light in fact, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Don’t worry, you’ll be wearing pants, that's just a dramatization.

These things are almost completely waterproof. Pouring any type of liquid on these bad boys is equivalent to watching water hit a Rain-X covered windshield and slide right off.

*Actual footage of actual Wickham Shorts actually having water poured over them.*


I imagine at this point your mind is blown. You’re probably thinking, “it just can’t get any better than this?” Well, you’re wrong, I haven’t even told you the best part. These shorts are available RIGHT NOW for fully sublimated designs!

The Wickham Shorts also come in two different styles. Ultimate Cut for those who prefer length and Classic Cut for those who enjoy getting a little sun on their thighs.

Still having trouble wrapping your brain around our new shorts? They’re kinda like that other company’s shorts, what's their name? Buenos Aires? Rio Something? I can't think of it right now but you get the idea.

The first 25 teams to order get custom full subs for $39 a piece! 

Email to place a team order!