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5 Reasons Why We Love the Volcanic Tournament

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5 Reasons Why We Love the Volcanic Tournament

Savage has been an enthusiastic participant at the Volcanic Tournament in Arenal, Costa Rica since 2011. Every year, a lucky Savage staffer gets to go soak in the jungle atmosphere and play Ultimate—along with a lucky Savage fan! Keep reading to find out why we love this tournament so much, and how you can win a free bid to check it out for yourself.

1. It's in Costa Rica.

Enough said. The Volcanic Tournament is held in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. With the Pacific on the west and the Caribbean sea on the east, this is a hot travel destination for anyone. You can submerge yourself in the local culture or go adventuring in their protected jungles.

2. Zip-lining through the jungle.

The Tournament Director, Carlos, does a great job of offering numerous activities for Volcanic Tournament-goers. One of the highlights: zip-lining through the jungle. Almost everyone from the tournament ends up going, but don't worry—if zip-lining isn't your jam, there are other activities available.

3. Hot springs, hot springs, hot springs.

This is possibly the best post-tournament activity on earth, and something we think USAU should require at all tournaments. There are awesome local hot springs that tournament participants are welcome to use to soothe aches and pains in the most luxurious way possible.

4. Sloths for days.

Costa Rica is home to lush jungles that are teeming with exotic wildlife. A fan favorite year after year: the numerous sloths found hanging out in the canopy. You're also sure to see a lot of Iguana selfies going around, as well as some spider monkey sightings.

5. Awesome people.

One of the best parts of this trip: All of the amazing, fun-loving people you get to meet and play Ultimate with. The opportunity to play your favorite sport in a beautiful country with awesome people is so unique, and the main reason we love sponsoring this tournament year after year.

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