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New Los Angeles Beach Tournament Chooses SAVAGE as Apparel Partner

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New Los Angeles Beach Tournament Chooses SAVAGE as Apparel Partner

SAVAGE is honored and excited to announce its recent partnership with LA Throwback. For their inaugural year, LA Throwback has already accepted bids to capacity with tremendous initial support. Driven by the pursuit of an excellent tournament experience and a commitment to giving back, Throwback has established a platform that all players can get behind.  

From their site:

We want [to be] responsive to player input, to remain affordable, to be financially transparent and accountable, to feature great amenities and a great party, to promote Spirit of the Game and to support the growth of ultimate. 


SAVAGE and Throwback have agreed to a two-year apparel partnership. SAVAGE will be producing official tournament apparel and hosting a bevy of tournament specific sales and offers via their website and on-site. In conjunction with this partnership, SAVAGE will support LA Throwback's mission to support local Ultimate development. 

The tournament will be held January 13-14, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. SAVAGE will be present with a carefully designed and curated catalog of merchandise. We are all very excited for this new tournament and the upcoming 2 years of Los Angeles sunshine! 

Stay tuned for special deals and online offers!