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Thank You 2017 UltiGift!

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Thank You 2017 UltiGift!

This past month, we held 5 UltiGift tournaments up and down the east coast. Huge shout out and thank you to UltiGift Montgomery, Ithaca, Charlottesville, Augusta, and Richmond!! Together we raised money, collected toys, and had a blast chasing plastic!


UltiGift Montgomery aka Uncle Kringle's Christmas Classic IX saw 200 players participating. Way to kill those sign ups! UltiGift Ithaca had 60 participants, roughly 40 toys, and a lot of monetary donations straight to Toys for Tots. All organized and executed in a short period of time! UltiGift Charlottesville, partnering with Mason's Toy Box and The Emergency Food Network, saw 85 players, 12 toys, 50 bags of canned food, and over $100 donated to charity. Talk about the season of giving... UltiGift Augusta saw 92 players and 103 gifts.. Wow!!!  And last, but definitely not least, our very own Richmond Party Fowl had 60 players and 20 gifts!  

Thank you to everyone who made this happen this year! We had over 500 players and participants total, with 195 toys donated, and crazy amounts of $$ donations.

Special thanks to all of the TD's: Dustin McKee, Emily Zitek, Will Clark, Max Williams, Ray Heath, Matt Goff, Hayley SooHoo, and Ali Rockett! Another big thanks to Ultimate Central for helping us to promote UltiGift! Finally, thank you to everyone who came out to participate, brought a toy, and got into the spirit of the season (and the game)!!


Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We're stoked to see what 2018 brings for everyone!