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Tampa Bay Cannons Launch African American Heritage Jersey

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Tampa Bay Cannons Launch African American Heritage Jersey

In 2021 the Tampa Bay Cannons released what would be the first in a series of specialty jersey designs celebrating the diversity of the team. The Latin Heritage design displayed an alternate logo with team name in Spanish, CAÑONES. Today the Tampa Bay Cannons are pleased to introduce the next addition to the Heritage Collection, the African American Heritage jersey. Representing the rich history of Africa, the design was developed by Cannons coaches and players of African decent, who are excited to share their heritage with the fans. Coach Taylor talks about the design.

Coach Taylor: "The bright, vibrant reds, greens, and yellows represent the different African flags and, the different designs on the shoulder and arm represent not only the different countries but the different tribes of our ancestors. When these patterns are put together it forms a beautiful design, just like the beauty of the continent. On the right sleeve, our normal skull and crossed cannons has been replaced with an African tribal mask and crossed hunting spears which our ancestors used to go into battle. " The bold design is not shy. "This jersey is a representation to celebrate the beauty of African culture and heritage."

The Cannons look to inspire the community by celebrating the unique aspects as well as the commonalities of culture. Like the community, a team is made of people from different backgrounds. The team hopes you will join them in celebrating diversity with this new bold addition. Starting February 1, 2022, the African American Heritage design will be available to the public exclusively from VII Apparel Co. Part of the proceeds from every AAH jersey purchased will go to support the community and the efforts of Disc/Diversity.

The Tampa Bay Cannons is a proud partner with Disc/Diversity in creating a more equitable life experience. For more info on how you can get involved, see