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Fully Sublimated Jersey Sizing

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Fully Sublimated Jersey Sizing

Trouble finding your fit? We’re here to help. 

Our fully-sublimated ('full sub') gear has slightly different sizing than our spot-sublimated and screen-printed gear. We thought it would help to show the most common sizes on different bodies. We’ll keep updating this post with more photos and sizes.

The Size Chart with measurements is available hereDon’t forget, you can always email us and ask about sizing if you need help.

Fit Tips:

Our fully sublimated short-sleeve jerseys, long-sleeve jerseys, and sun hoodies all have the exact same cut in the body.

If You're Between Sizes, we suggest ordering the bigger size for full sub jerseys. Some of our staff wear one size smaller for spot sub/screen printed gear, others wear the same size. In the photo above, Dan is wearing a Men's Large in both types of jerseys.

If You're Tall: If you're tall, you may need to size up for long sleeve jerseys. Jake, 6'2", wears a Men's L for short-sleeve jerseys and a Men's XL for long-sleeve jerseys.

Women's Cut: Our women's jerseys are more fitted than our men's cut. Some people prefer to wear men's jerseys. Our staff are split; you can see their honest opinions below our photos. 

Note if you're thinking about the different cuts: Women's jerseys are smaller than men's - we suggest sizing down one if you're going from women's to men's.  

Our thoughts on Men's vs Women's Cut jerseys:

Ariel, 5'7", female (wears a Men's S): For my body type, the women's cut is a little loose in the chest and very fitted in the hips. I prefer the men's cut for the way it fits and the smaller neckline. I also find it easier to tuck in; and personally, I think it makes me look more athletic.

Vega, 5'3", non-binary (wears a Women's M): I'm short and curvy, and the womxn's cut is really great for me. When I work out I almost always wear a Savage jersey (full subs and screen prints). If a men’s jersey fits at my chest it will have way too much fabric in the waist, but get stuck at my hips. Savage womxn’s jerseys actually fit over my hips, and I like the shorter cap-sleeves. The womxn's jersey is flattering and comfortable without being too fitted. 

Eug, 5'5", female (wears a Men's S): Since I have a more straight body type, I prefer to wear the men's sizes. I also like the men's sizing because I like my athletic gear to fit a little looser to avoid feeling limited in my movement. I feel that the men's fit is more versatile on my body and I can wear it relaxed and baggy or tuck it in when I need things to be more controlled. I occasionally will wear a women's size and while a medium fits me perfectly (tighter but comfortable fit all around), I prefer a women's large for the extra space. I appreciate the switch up, but can always rely on the men's small.