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Savage jumps the pond for the QPL Championship

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Savage jumps the pond for the QPL Championship

Wales welcomed the Quidditch Premier League Championship to the Cardiff Arms Stadium on Saturday. The 10 teams from all over the UK fought vigorously for a spot in the championship game. With this being the second year of QPL, we could definitely see the increase in player talent. Every team had a chance to make an upset but the London Monarchs and Southwest Knights prevailed. 

In the early minutes of the finals, it looked as if the Knights had the energy to take the W but the Monarchs continued their full force of "off with their heads". The Monarchs pulled away as the snitch was caught by London's Rudi Obasi-Adams

With 2018 in the books, we're looking forward to 2019 with the QPL European Expansion. Congratulations to the London Monarchs. 

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