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US National Team Wins the Quidditch World Cup

US National Team Wins the Quidditch World Cup

After facing off with quidditch teams from all over the globe, the U.S. National Team won the International Quidditch Association's World Cup this weekend in Florence, Italy. Savage couldn't be prouder to rep this crew, made up of some of the best players from throughout the country. 

To celebrate, we're offering 15 percent off all USNT Quidditch gear, including jerseys, shorts, headbands, joggers, and more. Use the code REDEEMTEAM when you check out. Act fast because this offer is only valid today! (July 2)



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Are You Ready for the IQA World Cup? We Totally Are

Are You Ready for the IQA World Cup? We Totally Are

The International Quidditch Association's World Cup is scheduled for June 27-July 2 in Florence, Italy, and Team Savage is pretty darn excited. We have partnered with US Quidditch and the US National Team to provide uniforms for this year's competition. Our very own Dan C. is even taking one for the team and will travel all the way to Italia to rep Savage at the event. What a nice guy.

Here's a slideshow of some of the highlights. Check out the full collection—including jerseys, shorts, joggers, and a pretty sweet headband—over here.



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US Quidditch Cup 11 Recap

US Quidditch Cup 11 Recap

Earlier this month, the Savage crew headed to Texas for the US Quidditch Cup 11. Over the course of the weekend, we witnessed some incredible playing from nearly 90 teams—it was one of the biggest quidditch events ever held!

The University of Rochester Thestrals beat the No. 1-ranked Texas Quidditch in the college finals, and Texas Cavalry (sporting their Savage quidditch jerseys) won the community finals. 

Savage's Austin Bartenstein loved seeing our home state represented in Texas. "I was excited with how many Virginia teams were representing at Nationals: Hometown Richmond (the REAL U of R), JMU, UVA and Virginia Tech were all there," he says.
High winds made setting up shop a challenge for the Savage crew on Day 1, but we still managed to sell out of our Quidditch Life gear. If you want your own Quidditch Life jersey or tank, pick it up on the Savage shop!
Read a full event recap on the USQ site. And see more great photos by Nick Wagner at American-Statesman here.
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7 Questions with Austin Outlaws player Augie Monroe

7 Questions with Austin Outlaws player Augie Monroe

Savage is on a mission to highlight players from our sponsored teams across multiple sports. Catch this and other "7 Questions from Savage" as we take you into the minds of athletes around the world! In preparation for the MLQ Championships, we continue the series with MLQ player Augustine Monroe. 

VII: Augie, please tell us a little about yourself. 

AM: I've been living in Austin, Texas for awhile now, but I'm from Brownsville, Texas. I play for the Austin Outlaws in the MLQ and the Texas Cavalry in the USQ. I was on the first Team USA for Quidditch. I also work for a nonprofit as a social worker and case-manager. Hope for the Warriors is a nonprofit based out of Virginia that provides services to wounded service members, their families, and families of those killed in action. 

VII: How did you find your way into the world of Quidditch? 

AM: Growing up I was never a standout athlete. I was in the shadow of my older brother who was a star quarterback. But I worked hard at developing athletically. I played some football, ran some track, and played a little JV basketball in high school. When I got to college, I kept training for general athleticism, not knowing how I would apply it. Quidditch presented itself—a friend of mine was telling me about it. Though I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, I gave it a shot. I was by far one of the worst, but the people were great and I wanted to stick with it. I loved the physical contact and the all-inclusive nature of the sport. It aligned well with who I am as a person. 

VII: And it's paid off. Can you tell us about those accomplishments? 

AM: I played and co-captained or the University of Texas and we won the USQ championships in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Now I play for the Texas Cavalry and we won the championship in 2017. 

VII: Do you count one of those as your favorite memory on the field? 

AM: When we first won the USQ championship in 2013, we dominated. We had lost the year before to Texas A&M... We had the same corps of players and we waited and trained. We'd also been recently recognized by the University, so when we won we got to light the UT-Austin tower. Anytime a sports team wins a national title, the tower lights up orange. We did it three times, but the first, yeah that was the best. 

VII: Do you do anything special after a big win or prior to games?  

AM: Before games, I like to stay to myself mostly and get my head right. I might listen to some music; I appreciate "Ante Up." After wins, I do a little binge eating. I keep a list of foods that I put off and I spend some time knocking things off that list.

VII: If you could liken your style of play to any animal, what would it be? 

AM: A deer? I guess some people might want to be like a bear or something, but I typically avoid contact offensively. I'd say I'm difficult to get a hold of... like a deer. 

(Edit: Augie wanted to text SAVAGE with a follow-up answer. A fox

VII: Anything final you want those listening to know? 

AM: Don't underestimate women. I grew up in a place with a lot of machismo, so one of my favorite things about this sport is getting to see women knocking dudes on their ass. 

Find Augie in League City competing with the Austin Outlaws for the MLQ Championships August 12-13. He'll be the one that's playing like a deer.  

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