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10 Fun Ways to Stay Connected to Your Friends and Teammates While Social Distancing (That Aren’t Just Skype)

10 Fun Ways to Stay Connected to Your Friends and Teammates While Social Distancing (That Aren’t Just Skype)

In the span of just a few tumultuous days, the sports world ground to a halt and social distancing became the norm — leaving many of us feeling unmoored. Humans are social beings, and sports are truly about so much more than the game itself. While we love the intensity and fun of playing, the community and social aspects are just as important — and one of the main reasons why we love sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Spikeball, Quidditch, Disc Golf, and Dodgeball so much.

So what happens when high-fives are suddenly forbidden, all social gatherings and games are canceled, local hangouts are temporarily closed, and social distancing becomes a critical part of staying safe and healthy? We get creative and come up with new ways to stay connected to our friends, family, and teammates. Social interaction, bonding, and coming together as a community are probably more important now than ever, which is why we’ve come up with a list of 10 fun and creative ways to help you stay connected. 

Host a Virtual Group Lunch or Coffee — When you’d normally be at practice, do a full-team coffee hour or eat a meal via Skype or Google Hangouts video chat. Having a set time to bring everyone together as a group helps to maintain a routine and stay connected and is a good way to check in on everyone.

Go Outside! — Large social gatherings are off-limits, and maintaining a distance of six feet is encouraged, but unless you’re in a city or state where you’re barred from leaving your house for unnecessary reasons, you should absolutely be going outside and getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise. Take a friend or two and go on a hike or a jog or bike ride (give the handlebars a good wipe with sanitizer before and after). So long as you’re all healthy/asymptomatic, refrain from high-fives, and maintain a safe distance apart, some time outdoors with a couple of friends should be totally okay.

Have a Remote Workout Sesh — Set up a group video chat and have your team captain or another volunteer lead the group in a basic workout or yoga session. Even though you can’t get out and play together, you can still stay in shape and game-ready for when seasons start up again. Group motivation and holding each other accountable is a great way to stay fit and healthy together so you can dominate next season. Stay tuned to the Savage Blog, Facebook, and Instagram for some tips and home exercises to help.

Do a Group Photo Challenge — A photo challenge is a great way to stay busy and have some fun together. Decide on your approach (Googling “photo challenge” will give you plenty of options to choose from, but here’s a good basic one). Every day, you each have to take a photo that fits the theme for that day then share in a group chat or on social with your own hashtag. 

Play Mobile Games — The great thing about mobile games is that everyone has a smartphone, and most of these games are free. Draw Something, Words With Friends, and Drawful are pretty much modern classics at this point. Ever get into a cut-throat game of Draw Something with your grandparents? If not, you have 100% been missing out. 

Host a Virtual Game Night — If you’re more a fan of playing board games and missing your regular Cards Against Humanity throwdown or poker night, there are also plenty of options for playing board and card games online with your mates. Monopoly, UNO, Yahtzee Party, and poker are all solid options for a virtual game night. There’s also a fun Cards Against Humanity clone that includes a very necessary group chat feature since commenting and laughing over the card combos is an essential part of the game. 

Organize a Virtual Book Club — Google Play, Open Library, Free eBooks, and Project Gutenberg offer an extensive array of free eBook options to choose from. If you don’t feel like falling down a black hole of book options, r/freeEBOOKS is a great place to find solid recommendations. Other than entertainment and offering mental escape, plenty of books can also impart valuable lessons in leadership and teamwork. Our friends at Five Ultimate put together this list of great reads that can also sharpen your game. Once everyone decides on a book, set up a reading schedule and video chats to discuss. And yes, it’s totally fair to read Harry Potter again together.

Give Each Other a Little Boost — Sarahah is a site and iOS/Android app that lets you post anonymous messages for your friends. Have everyone on your team sign up and share their links, then go through and leave everyone a nice message telling them something you admire or appreciate about them. It’s totally anonymous, but you can leave your name if you’d like.

Start a D&D Group  There’s a reason why Dungeons & Dragons has been the most popular role-playing game since the 70s — it’s fun! With everything going on right now, this feels like the perfect time to get together with a group of friends and escape into a fantasy world for a few hours. With social distancing, you might not be able to gather around a table to play, but fortunately, there are some really amazing online options. Roll20 is a great way to play D&D together online, either building your own campaign from scratch or using one of their ready-to-play campaigns. Set up a video chat using FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts and get ready to party with rangers and warlocks.

Start Planning for Next Season — It’s a very rough and uncertain time right now, and many of us are mourning our interrupted seasons. Though things can seem pretty grim at the present moment, it’s more important now than ever to keep looking ahead. There will be a light at the end of all this. Sports will come back. Leagues will start up again. Tournaments will be rescheduled. And when they do, it’ll be such an incredibly celebratory moment. The start of next season will likely be the biggest, most exciting start to any season ever. And it’s totally okay to start getting hyped about it now! Skype with your teammates and discuss game strategy and ways to kick more ass than ever next season. Brainstorm ways to introduce new people to your sport and get them excited and involved. Start designing those new uniforms you’ve been talking about for ages. Come up with some cool fundraising ideas. Plan the most epic first-game after-party ever. Because we will all play again. And together, we’ll come back stronger and better than ever.

Photo by Bruno Gomiero for Unsplash

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A Phase of College Ultimate May Be Over, But We’re Ready to Focus on What’s Ahead

A Phase of College Ultimate May Be Over, But We’re Ready to Focus on What’s Ahead

In the four years I’ve been attending the High Tide Ultimate Tournament as a Savage employee, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things happen — but 2020 is the year I know I’ll always remember. The spread of COVID-19 ended this year’s tournament two weeks early, and most of us also recognized it could mean the end of the college season as well. For many seniors, it was a heartbreaking moment. 

There was a distinct shift at the tournament among players and staff as we all began to process what was about to happen. There was a deep feeling of mourning as news spread that not only was the tournament ending, but schools were closing their doors for the foreseeable future, effectively ending the college Ultimate season.

It’s natural for players to obsess over what didn’t happen, or what could’ve been. I know I’ve struggled with this myself. For some players, it may be the last time they see some of their seniors for a long time. For some seniors, it’s the last time they’ll be playing with some of their teammates. 

But this is what I keep thinking about, and why I’m grateful that I was at High Tide at this moment in time: Witnessing the love players have not only for each other, but also for their opponents at this event, has been life-changing. This truly is a special sport we play. From seeing teams treat a fun Spring Break tournament like it was their last Nationals run, to crying with new players on my old college team, High Tide 2020 was unforgettable. 

It’s painful to think about, but we ought to stay positive, keeping this in mind: Our family of Ultimate players may just be one of the most tight-knit sports communities in the world. I — and the rest of the Savage team — love to come to Myrtle Beach not just to interact with you all and see you play some of the wackiest “games” of ultimate possible, but to be reminded of how much we love this sport ourselves. 

Seniors, addressing you all directly for a moment, we want to offer our sympathy for the abrupt end to some of your seasons. While this is the end of one chapter, we can assure you there’s so much more in store for you. Look forward to joining new teams, new players to befriend, plays to make, and yes, more tears to be shed. 

For now, make sure you leave your teams in a better state than you joined them. Leave a lasting impression for the younger crowd, and continue to be the leaders you wanted when you started playing. While the season’s ending early can lead to questioning of what might’ve been, it’s pointless to wonder about the unknown. Try not to mourn the fact that this chapter is over. It’s better to focus on the incredible times we had, celebrate the fact that you got to experience it, and that you have so much to look forward to. 

It’s crucial during times like this that we hold our favorite people and memories close to give us comfort. We can and probably will feel sad thinking about it, but remember: This community doesn’t end with college. One of the things I love most about Ultimate is that it’s truly a year-round sport if you want it to be. With almost unlimited access to seasonal leagues, club tryouts, and even just casual pickup, Ultimate has never stopped growing — and this will not stop it. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay Savage. 


Written by Savage's Production/Order Rockstar, Nick Evans 

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Savage’s Ultimate Guide to the Best (and Cheapest!) North Myrtle Beach Restaurants

Savage’s Ultimate Guide to the Best (and Cheapest!) North Myrtle Beach Restaurants

For the past five years, college Ultimate teams have descended upon North Myrtle Beach, S.C. for a week of Spring Break hangs, parties, and games. Of course, High Tide is all about the Ultimate, but there’s also a whole lot to see, eat, and do off the fields, too. 

North Myrtle Beach is a cute, kitschy beach town with plenty of unique local flavor, and the Savage crew has attended every year that High Tide has been hosted in NMB, carefully honing our list of must-dos in town. Here are some of our tried and true NMB favorites you should absolutely check out while at High Tide. 

Southern Sunrise Pancake House

Best Cheap Breakfast Restaurants North Myrtle Beach Southern Sunrise Pancake House
Photo: Lauren DeLuca for Savage

NMB is practically exploding with pancake houses. We’re not sure where they all came from or why this area seems to have such an unprecedented passion for round breakfast foods, but we sure do appreciate it. You could easily spend the entire week eating your way through the Grand Strand’s 40-plus pancake options, but just in case you don’t want to have such an extremely pancakey High Tide, you could skip the taste test and go straight for our fave: Southern Sunrise Pancake House. We’ve tried many of NMB’s pancake offerings over the years, but we always come back to Southern Sunrise. Their pancakes are the way pancakes ought to be: light, fluffy, golden-brown discs of heaven, brimming with tasty toppings of your choosing. If you’re not in a pancake mood (wait, is this actually a thing that happens?) their menu is full of delicious non-pancake options including a variety of creative benedicts, omelettes, and biscuits. 3407 Hwy. 17 S., (843) 361-4080

Nacho Hippo 

Best Fun Restaurants North Myrtle Beach Nacho Hippo
Photo courtesy of Nacho Hippo

After a long day at the fields, we often want to kick back and have some fun — and Nacho Hippo is the perfect spot to do that. The creative nachos and tacos are usually what draw us in, and then the all-day $3 margs are what keep us there chatting, sipping and munching away. In addition to margaritas, they also have 32-ounce bucket-sized tropical cocktails for $15 that are perfect for sharing. While the drinks are cheap and delicious, the food really is the star here. Nacho Hippo isn’t your traditional Mexican cuisine; the menu is all about the über-creative Tex-Mex fusion, blissfully marrying dishes like tacos, nachos, and quesadillas with Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, and Southern influences. Order a platter of the signature Hipponachomus — crispy house-made chips topped with chili, taco beef, shredded chicken, queso, lettuce, cheese, and pico — to share with your squad and then take your pick of their unique taco options. We recommend the Bangin’ Shrimp, Ka-Ka-Ka-Kia, and Kahuna. 850 N. Beach Blvd., (843) 663-9393

Duffy Street Seafood Shack 

Best Seafood Happy Hour Restaurant North Myrtle Beach Duffy St Seafood Shack

Photo courtesy of Duffy St Seafood Shack

If you spend a week on the beach and don’t eat some local seafood, you’re doing it wrong. We firmly believe the best seafood comes from divey beachside shacks, and Duffy Street is a perfect example of this. No need to shower or dress up; this place welcomes the sandy, the sweaty, and the sunburnt with open arms and fluffy hushpuppies. Head to Happy Hour from 4-6 p.m. and leave happy and stuffed full of 75 cent oysters and clams, 45 cent shrimp, $7.99/half-pound crab legs, and of course a signature rum punch fishbowl to wash it all down. Happy Hour or not, the Duffy Street menu is full of tasty made-to-order seafood options. Their Pig Skin Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Duffy Street Steam Pot, and Volcano Chocolate Cake are all solid choices. For the indecisive or exceptionally hungry, they also offer combo platters or the mega Pirate’s Plate — a massive offering of broiled fish, Old Bay shrimp, Alaskan snow crab, and broiled scallops. 319 Sea Mountain Hwy., (843) 249-7902 

The Shack Best Cheap Eats Restaurants North Myrtle Beach The Shack Fried Catfish

Photo courtesy of The Shack

It’s pretty rare to find a solid restaurant that serves a truly outstanding breakfast and lunch and dinner. The Shack is one of those rare gems, slinging top-notch Southern food from morning ‘til night. Go early for huge fluffy slices of Texas-style French Toast, homemade biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, or, for the truly famished, try the Shack Attack — a platter piled high with eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and home fries. The Shack’s breakfast options are sure to provide plenty of fuel for a grueling day on the fields, and their dinners are the perfect way to satiate that end-of-day Ultimate hunger. Refuel with their huge portions (at great prices) of Fried Catfish, Beach House Burgers, Fried Chicken, and Shrimp ‘n’ Grits that rival any Southern grandma’s. Their “meat-and-three” specials are also a big favorite — pick one meat and any three of their plentiful side options for under 10 bucks. 1128 Sea Mountain Hwy., 843-663-3636 

Hoskins Restaurant 

Best Cheap Family Restaurants North Myrtle Beach Hoskins Fried Chicken

Photo courtesy of Hoskins Restaurant

Cherry Grove has been a popular tourist destination since the ‘50s, and Hoskins Restaurant has been there feeding those hungry beachgoers since the very beginning. One of the very first restaurants in the Grand Strand, Hoskins first opened its doors in 1948 and quickly became a NMB icon and institution. This family-owned and operated joint is chock full of classic Americana vibes, old-school charm, and the best fried chicken in the area. Their menu is loaded with killer Southern options including ridiculously fresh fried-to-order seafood, smoked chopped barbecue, and pork chops, and you really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, but once you try their famous fried chicken, you’ll probably have a hard time even considering eating anything other than that hot juicy Hoskins fried chicken ever again. 405 Main St, (843) 249-2014

Krave Bagel Bistro 

Best Breakfast Restaurant North Myrtle Beach Krave Bagel Bistro

Photo courtesy of Krave Bagel Bistro

If you need to grab a quick bite on the way to the fields, Krave has you covered. Their convenient location on Hwy. 17 combined with their drive-up window makes this the perfect grab-and-go High Tide breakfast option. They tout “the only true Northern-style bagel in the area,” and Savage’s NYC-born-and-bred staffers give them their enthusiastic stamp of approval. Krave’s bagels are made fresh daily and come in all the classic varieties as well as a few unique ones like Marble Rye and French Toast. Get one toasted and topped with the schmear of your choosing or go for a baconeggandcheese breakfast sammy. (Important note for my Tristate friends: They. Have. Taylor. Ham.) 1434 Hwy. 17 S., (843) 427-7310

Sweet Molly’s Creamery

Best Desserts North Myrtle Beach Sweet Molly's Creamery Homemade Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Sweet Molly's Creamery

We’ve covered a lot of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, but, of course, we couldn’t neglect the most important meal of the day — dessert! No trip to the beach is complete without a nice frosty cone, and Sweet Molly’s in Barefoot Landing is definitely the place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their MO is similar to another popular ice cream chain: pick a flavor and get your choice of syrups and toppings mixed directly in, creating a custom frozen treat. Choose from any of their 20 daily flavor options, which range from classics like chocolate and mint to the more inventive like piña colada, salted caramel, watermelon taffy, and pumpkin spice. They make all their ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet in-house daily and with so many options to choose from, we totally wouldn’t judge you for making multiple trips to work your way through as many combos of scoops, toppings, syrups, shakes, and sundaes as possible while in town. 4728-F Hwy. 17 S., (843) 663-4373

Old South BBQ Co.

Best BBQ Restaurants North Myrtle Beach Old South BarBQ Co

Photo by Patricia F/Yelp

There’s just no way we could let you spend a week in one of the South’s best beach towns without having some traditional Southern barbecue. As you drive up to Old South BBQ, you can’t miss the giant sign outside boasting “BEST BUTTS ON THE BEACH,” and they sure ain’t lying. Eating is believing, though, and their barbecue-chopped pork sandwich is an absolute must. Round it off with some smoked chicken wings, spicy BBQ beans, hushpuppies, and a half-and-half sweet tea. Eat at one of the picnic tables outside or grab one of their family packs to-go on your way back to the house. 1020 Sea Mountain Hwy., (843) 663-1056

Main Photo by Andy Wang for Unsplash
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Photo Gallery: High Tide 2020 Week 1 Recap

Photo Gallery: High Tide 2020 Week 1 Recap

We're so stoked to be back in Myrtle Beach for week 2 of High Tide! Week 1 was such a blast. We brought in Dani from Aria Discs to help out and show off this year's Aria custom High Tide discs. We built and stocked our Savage High Tide Store with tons of great merch, played Spikeball, had cookouts on the beach, threw our first VIIIP Pizza Party, cheered on all our teams, celebrated our new merger, and, of course, played plenty of Ultimate.

The Savage staff crushed it on the field during the weekly Hat Tournament and the entire crew – including Savage/XII CEO Todd! – teamed up with Cedarville and the High Tide Staff for one truly epic and very rainy game on Wednesday. Scroll down to check out more photo highlights from the first week of High Tide 2020!

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Hat Tournament

 High Tide 2020 Week 1 Hat Tournament

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Hat Tournament

High Tide 2020 Week 1 Hat Tournament

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Ed Pulkinen Todd Curran Savage XII Brands CEO

Savage Founder and CEO Todd Curran with High Tide Founder and Tournament Director Ed Pulkinen

High Tide 2020 Savage Team Spikeball Roundnet

 Savage and High Tide Staffers play some Spikeball by the tent

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament University of Mary Washington VA

 Former Mary Washington Ultimate Coach and current Savage Sales Coordinator, Keys, played some points with the Mary Wash crew who— despite not wearing their Savage gear — were still some of the best-dressed on the field this week

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Rain Game

 Savage Events & Web Store Manager, Austyn, bringing the heat despite the freezing rain

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Rain Game

 The rainy Savage/High Tide/Cedarville vs. Valparaiso game on Wednesday 

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Todd Curran Savage

Don't let the jeans fool you. Savage CEO Todd showed he's still got it when he played a few points during the rainy staff game on Wednesday.

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Ed Pulkinen

 High Tide Founder & TD, Ed Pulkinen, took a break from directing and helped lead the rest of the staff/Cedarville team to victory

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Rain Game

 Playing in the rain on Wednesday

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Week 1 Finals Championship Game Kenyon Grand Valley Loyola

 We cheered on Grand Valley & Loyola's Flying Pagodas – two Savage teams – during Week 1's championship game. 

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Week 1 Final Game Championship Loyola Flying Pagodas Kenyon Grand Valley

 The very wet and very intense Week 1 Championship game on Thursday

High Tide 2020 College Ultimate Frisbee Week 1 Final Game Champions Winners Kenyon Grand Valley

The High Tide Week 1 Champions! Grand Valley & Kenyon

All photos by Lauren DeLuca for Savage

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5 Things You Should Know About High Tide 2020

5 Things You Should Know About High Tide 2020

The Savage crew has taken up its annual residence in North Myrtle Beach for the High Tide Ultimate Tournament 2020, and as usual we’re pinching ourselves for being lucky enough to partner with such an incredible event. This hugely popular Spring Break tournament, now in its 24th year, brings together college teams from all over the country, and Savage is proud to be the event’s official apparel partner. We love seeing all of your smiling faces, sharing our gear, and enjoying time in the sun and sand at the end of every day. 

So what’s new for High Tide in 2020? Here are five things we’re excited about:

  1. The High Tide 2020 “Poolside” Theme — The Savage design team put in some long hours creating a brand-new High Tide collection, and we have to say it’s one of our favorites yet. The theme is “Poolside,” and you’ll find everything from Miami Vice-style pastel full-subs to Hamptons/Gatsby-inspired shorts. Really, there’s something for everyone. Keep an eye on the Savage social media accounts for details about when High Tide gear will be available in our online store.

  2. Spreading the GreenLine Gospel — This is a great opportunity for everyone to get up close and personal to our GreenLine, which, if you haven’t heard, is our new fabric made from 100% recycled bottles. All of the fully sublimated merch in our High Tide shop is made from the GreenLine fabric, so check it out and be prepared to be converted. We hope you love it as much as we do, and that you’ll consider going Green for your next team order.

  3. Bringing ARIA into the Fold — We’re working with ARIA Discs to create the official High Tide discs for the first time ever. This is huge not only because ARIA discs were specially formulated for Ultimate players — and we want everyone to give them a try — but also because ARIA is now Savage’s official partner as part of XII Brands. XII Brands is the new parent company of Savage, ARIA, and Five Ultimate. You’ll be seeing a lot more collaboration between these brands in the future as we work together to strengthen the Ultimate community and beyond. Keep an eye out for ARIA and Five Ultimate reps in the Savage tent throughout High Tide. We’ll also have some special promotions and giveaways going with ARIA, so be sure to follow them on social media for updates. 

  4. VIIP Pizza Party — We always love seeing Savage teams sporting their gear IRL, and once again this year we’re inviting all Savage teams to a special VIIP Party in a tent beside the High Tide shop on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. We’ll have pizza and drinks for our Savage teams, and we hope you’ll take a moment to chat with Todd and the Savage crew about your experience working with us and how we can partner in the future. Not a Savage team? We’ll be ready to sign new teams with some special High Tide team deals, and you’ll get some free pizza in the bargain. Win, win.

  5. More High Tide Shenanigans to Come — We’ve got plans for lots of fun promotions over the next few weeks, including a golden egg hunt, disc-throwing competitions, swag bags, and a pretty major raffle that involves a free set of team fully sublimated jerseys. Follow Savage’s Instagram account for all the latest updates on High Tide-related promos.
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7 Questions with the University of Arizona’s Sunburn Ultimate

7 Questions with the University of Arizona’s Sunburn Ultimate

Sunburn is the University of Arizona’s men’s ultimate team, and Savage is proud to be supplying them with ultimate jerseys, shorts, and more for their season. Check out Sunburn's Team Marketplace here, and their Q&A below.

Savage: Does your team have a hype song?

Sunburn Ultimate: Absolutely. Our anthem is "Praying" by Ke$ha. "Lost Boy" by Ruth B. is a close second.

Savage: What does your team do to celebrate a win?

SU: We do team shout-outs. Sit in a circle, pretend to stretch, and nominate people for top plays.

Savage: Who are some of your team’s MVPs?

SU: Chris Baker's parents. They've been bringing snacks and chocolate milk to every tournament for years. We all would have probably quit if not for the dried fruit. After the Bakers, we're all equals. That's how we operate. The vets step up and lead by example. The rooks work hard and learn quick. We have a lot of different guys on the team; there's no room for ego.

Savage: What makes your team unique?

SU: We're probably not unique at all. Ultimate is a great sport, we happen to love it.

Savage: Favorite place to play?

SU: Sitton Field. It's the best field at UA [the University of Arizona]. If all of our tournaments were there, we would definitely win Nationals.

Savage: What’s a team highlight from this past year?

SU: Santa Barbara Invite, Day 1. Frustrating losses to Washington and Cal. We're eliminated from bracket play. Last game of the day, about to play USC. Pilot tells the team not to worry, let's have fun, and we're going to win on universe point with a lefty scoober. First half, we go up a couple breaks. Second half, USC comes back. Universe point, we pull. Pilot gets a layout D on a handler reset. We have the disc ten yards from the end zone. Pilot taps it in, looks open side, looks break side, looks reset. Nothing is open. Stall eight, Pilot makes momentary eye contact with Jaron and throws a lefty scoober to the break side. Jaron slides to catch it and Sunburn pulled off the biggest upset of the season. True story, no hyperbole, absolutely crazy.

Savage: What does your team name mean?

SU: Well the S stands for special, the U stands for underrated, the N stands for... No it's not that complex. We live in Arizona. So we get a lot of sunburn.

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7 Questions with the Macalester College Pursesnatchers

7 Questions with the Macalester College Pursesnatchers

Founded as a D-III women's team at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in the early ‘90s, the Pursesnatchers’ team culture is based on equity, inclusion, embracing the weirdness, and growing together as players and people. “While our gender policies have grown more inclusive, our commitment to dopeness and that sweet, sweet disc-slanging has not,” team member Izzy Ryde tells us. We’re proud to be outfitting the Pursesnatchers for their upcoming season—check out their Team Marketplace (with ultimate jerseys, reversible tanks, hoodies and more) here, and our seven burning questions below.

Savage: What’s the story behind your team name?

Pursesnatchers: Our founder found a sign in an airport that read, "Beware the Pursesnatchers" and was inspired by the picture of someone sprinting away with a purse. She decided to steal the sign and just like pursesnatchers run after the purse, we run after the disc.

Savage: Does your team have a hype song?

PS: Not particularly, but Lizzo always gets us going.

Savage: What does your team do to celebrate a win?

PS: We celebrate each other and our teammates with a solid spirit circle.

Savage: Who are some of your MVPs?

PS: Our Snatcher MVPs are committed to the game, the effort, the leadership, and the continued growth of our team. 

Savage: What makes your team unique?

PS: We are a team, not just a few star players. Our newer, less athletic, and less experienced players are just as important to the team as our captains.

Savage: What’s your favorite place to play?

PS: The High Tide fields in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during spring break.

Savage: Tell us about a recent team highlight.

PS: We won a B team game against Tempest with almost entirely new players.

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7 Questions with Elon's Big Fat Bomb

7 Questions with Elon's Big Fat Bomb

Elon Ultimate's Big Fat Bomb is one of those teams Savage has been working with for longer than we remember. We love making ultimate jerseys for this crew, because they look so dang good wearing them. I mean, just look at them. Here, seven questions with BFB's Ethan Gould. {And here, Big Fat Bomb's Team Marketplace.}

Savage: What does your team name mean?

BFB: It's a heart attack of a sandwich at Paulie's Pub. What more do you need?

Savage: Tell us about a team highlight from the past year.

BFB: This

Savage: Where's your favorite place to play? 

BFB: Myrtle Beach. We are excited for Easterns Qualifier after going to D-III Easterns three years ago. (Savage will be there too as the official merchandiser!)

Savage: What makes your team unique? 

BFB: Bomb embraces anybody. If you can breathe and you want to play ultimate, you're welcome on our team. We also have been playing with an unique side stack like Revolver.

Savage: Who are some of your MVPs and what sets them apart? 

BFB: Everybody is an MVP if everybody plays their role and does their job. Team wins > individual wins.

Savage: How does your team celebrate a win? 

BFB: Team "Big Fat Bombs" at Paulie's. We win tournaments and our bellies deserve a treat! 

Savage: What's your hype song?

BFB: "Rise and Shine," J. Cole. ITS A BANGER.

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Checking in with 2018 Callahan winner Jackelyne “Kobe” Nguyen

Checking in with 2018 Callahan winner Jackelyne “Kobe” Nguyen
USA Ultimate recently announced the winner of the 2018 Women's Callahan Award: Jackelyne “Kobe” Nguyen. A member of UC-Berkeley's Pie Queens, Kobe quickly went from being a completely inexperienced rookie to being one of the leaders in the sport of ultimate. Thanks for answering our questions, Kobe!

Savage: How did you get into playing Ultimate?
Kobe: Ultimate was an unexpected treasure that made its way into my life. Before ultimate, I played basketball competitively throughout high school, even reaching the state championship finals one year. After getting into Cal I immediately looked into joining the club basketball team, but it didn't exist. I knew I still wanted to play a team sport so I looked into rugby and ultimate: the 2 sports known as things to try in college. Logistically, Pie Queens had their first practice before rugby's, and after that practice I had never felt more supported by any group of women who barely knew me. They took the time to teach me how to throw, catch, and constantly high five after I did anything, good or bad. Their warm spirit and community is what kept me in this program and what has led me to love each and every aspect of this sport.  

Savage: What do you love about the sport?
Kobe: Definitely the community. I've made all of my close friends through ultimate regardless of the division I'm playing in. The great spirit that holds as the foundation of this sport is what drives my excitement and passion to be a part of the ultimate community. Not only is the spirit amazing, but also ultimate itself is a unique sport where success comes from an entire team rather than an individual. That feeling of crushing a defense with all seven people touching the disc to score is one of my favorite feelings. Plus, ultimate is thrilling because of its balance of calm and collected play and athletic and hype plays that can happen within a single point. 

Savage: How do you train? 
Kobe: Nothing too fancy here. I do track, lifting, and field workouts outlined from each team I've been a part of. Whenever we would have tourney week I'd make sure I can get some extra pulling or throwing reps before practice. Something that my roommate and I would do during track workouts is role play our last sprint as a universe point scenario. "Pie Queens with the D, she picks it up, hucks it to space. Will she make it to score and win the game?!" This last sprint typically ends with us pretending to sky each other and crashing on the nearby grass. 

Savage: Any tips for young girls just starting out in the sport? 
Kobe: As cliche as it sounds, don't give up. Whether you're starting in mixed or women's, as much frustration you may get whether it's not getting thrown to or not feeling like you can throw, keep trying! Never feel like asking a vet to throw is bothersome because they are just waiting for you to ask. And if you feel like some of your throws aren't game ready, make 100 percent cuts or play out of your mind defense, these pieces are just as important. Women in ultimate is a growing movement, so you have a whole community of women to back you up if you ever feel down. 
Savage: What's your ultimate Ultimate memory?
Kobe: So many memories to choose from! I would say a collection of events that happened my sophomore year on Pie Queens. After graduating, a ton of seniors the year prior that expected to make Nationals, our program figured that the next year would be a rebuilding year. Tournament after tournament we started winning big games and playing well, which ended up with us earning a bid for the Southwest. Our team was ecstatic and didn't know what to do as none of us had gone to Nationals ever before. Going to Nationals that year felt like a dream as the success of our team came from everyone on our roster. To top it off, Marisa won the Callahan and as a mentor, teammate, and best friend to me, I have never felt so happy for someone who I knew deserved it so much. That entire year set the Pie Queens program on great footing to continuously be a program that strives on building its players and providing an environment for people to love the sport as much as we love each other. 
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Road to Nationals: 4 Questions with Stanford Bloodthirsty

Road to Nationals: 4 Questions with Stanford Bloodthirsty

The last few weeks, we've been interviewing some Savage teams that were headed to D-III College Championships in Illinois. Now, we're moving on to the D-I teams, starting with Stanford's Bloodthirsty. Thanks to Jack August Kimmel for answering these questions for us.

Savage: Any pre-game rituals?

JAK: Stanford Bloodthirsty is a team full of goofy, fun savages, and we use these traits to our advantage when facing off against opponents. Before each game, we focus on bringing the hype and energy from the very first point to the very last point of the game, and this starts with our warmup. In our warmup jog, our team does a chant that we learned from a former player who grew up in Mali, and although nobody knows exactly what it means, it certainly gets our team focused and energized. Right before the game, we end our warmup by huddling tightly and unleashing the hype through a chant or cheer.

Savage: How do you celebrate a win? Mourn a loss? 

JAK: Our team thrives on the energy and swagger that comes from our intense defense and systematic offense on the field, but our sideline also plays a large role in maintaining high energy levels throughout the game. To keep this enthusiasm stable, we cheer after every point, win or lose, knowing that we need to immediately focus on the next point. Ultimate tournaments are often structured such that games are played consecutively, meaning we need to not only be able to carry our energy from point to point, but also from game to game. That’s why, win or lose, we are sure to always maintain focus on the next game, and engaging in ridiculous cheers and playing music helps remind us who Bloodthirsty is: a team full of goofy, fun savages.

Ironically, one aspect of our team’s cheers that set us apart from other teams is our unashamed willingness to steal cheers from other teams. We aren’t Ducks, Hodags, or Airsquid, but if a cheer sounds catchy or cool, we have no problem using it. But when we aren’t copying cheers, we’re usually yelling about Crab People, Shrek, Solar Shields, or the number 4.

Savage: Who are your MVPs?

JAK: The three captains that have led our team throughout this season are the MVPs of our team. Gabe Hernandez, Allan Ndovu, and Drew Mathieson have inspired and motivated us to play for each other and have fun no matter the outcome of a point or game. Our team will surely miss these three seniors next year, and they have created a team culture and demanded a level of play that has brought us back to nationals for our second straight year. 

Considering that swagger is such an important element of our team culture and identity, we would be remiss not to mention the role our Savage Ultimate apparel and uniform play in maintaining our team’s swag.  Look good, feel good, play good. It’s that simple. When our team is repping the joggers and the quarter-zips in warmups, the parents are wearing the team T-shirts, and by game time we all have on those Savage jerseys, we know we are absolutely stunting on our opponents. Pair these with our signature sunglasses, the Solar Shields, and add in a chant about the number 4, and there is no stopping us. We can’t thank Savage Ultimate enough for keeping our swagger at maximum levels and ensuring that we not only play well, but we also look good while doing it.

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